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Instructions for use 

 WoodFired Oven Instructions for Use:  
When Firing the WoodFired Oven for the first time, make a small fire or 2 for a couple of hours to dry out slowly any remaining moisture in the masonry part of the oven, to prevent cracking. 
The rain-cap provided with the woodfired oven is designed so that the legs can be bent at different angles. This adjustment allows the flue to be anything from fully closed for heat retention when there is no smoke to fully open allowing smoke to leave, but also providing rain protection. 
Food cooked with an open fire in the woodfired oven should be turned occasionally to aid even cooking. 
When cooking with a large open fire, the door should not be used as this can be dangerous when opening it again, as a sudden amount of oxygen enters the woodfired oven. 
To cook in the woodfired oven with an open fire: 
Build a stack of wood in the woodfired oven with small pieces in the middle, and larger ones on the outside. 
Light the fire, and allow 60 minutes to heat up. The ceiling will go black with the brief amount of smoke, and then white when the soot at the top of the woodfired oven has burnt off. This is a good way to tell the oven is ready when there is no thermometer. 
When the woodfired oven is ready, push the embers to one side and add wood accordingly to keep the oven at the temperature required. 
Sweep away the ash using a damp cloth (on a stick, its hot!) or natural fibres brush. 
Place pizza or food item in the woodfired oven, keep a good eye on it, things cook fast at this temperature. 
 For use as an oven for bread or fireless oven, follow these instructions after those above:  
Sweep the embers to the front of the woodfired oven using a natural fibres brush, the heat will act as a  
temporary door. 
Wipe a damp cloth over the woodfired oven floor using a long stick. 
Leave the oven to cool to the required temperature, perhaps a bit higher then what is recommended for the dish as this woodfired oven will be very slowly cooling off as the food is cooking. 
Place bread or food in the woodfired oven, put the door on and allow the food to cook. 
The Woodfired Oven interior is naturally self cleaning when in operation, however, burnt food and ash can be cleaned off using a natural fibres brush, and damp cloth on a stick. 
The Aluminium woodfired oven exterior can be cleaned using white spirit, or polished with wire wool. 
The Copper woodfired oven exterior can be polished using Brasso. 
The front and back plates & door can be cleaned with white spirit. 
The woodfired oven should be placed on a heat resistant surface, i.e. concrete or metal (with heat resistant paint), and not wood or plastic as it will melt or become scorched. 
 Please click here to download full instructions for use and maintenance →  
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